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kiteboarding Cancun Mexico

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Airlift Kiteboarding Cancun - Kite school Mexico - Cancun Mexico

Learning how to kiteboard has never been easier! With the right environment and the right coaching, learning this increasingly popular sport will soon have you enjoying the thrill of flying over water. Our years of experience teaching in a stunning, shallow water environment is what sets us apart, making us the best choice for your learning experience. Our certified instructors provide a fast learning curve with your safety always first. We are professional and intent upon your success in becoming a kiteboarder.

° Level 1, 2 & 3

° Certified Instructors

° Learn with confidence

° Fun & safe learning experience

Kiteboarding Lessons

Kiteboarding has become a worldwide popular activity for enthusiasts of all ages, with the white sand beaches and warm tropical waters of Cancun a perfect destination for learning this amazing sport.


Airlift kiteboarding offers full on lessons in a shallow water environment ideal for beginners and for those looking to hone their kiting skills. 

Lessons are thorough with your safety a first priority.  Enjoy personalized attention learning how to fly on a pristine, unpopulated beach for an unforgettable Cancun kiting experience


Travel light & ride with us

Kite Rentals

Are you an independent kiteboarder ? Experienced riders are eligible to acquire kiteboarding gear for rental


" In order to rent gear you must :


* Know basic wind theory

* How to properly launch and land a kite

* Knowledge of safety systems, when & how to apply

* Must be up & riding and know how to head back upwind

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