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Kiteboarding Lessons

Here at Airlift Kiteboarding Cancun, weather you are beginner or simply looking to continue from where you left off we help and work with you every step of the way, providing you with all the gear, tips and tricks that you need to ultimately reach your goal, be independent and to be riding on your own.


The lessons are fun and dynamic and can be private or shared with a friend, allowing you to have a full hands on experience or to share the love of the sport with those closest to you.


We have chosen Isla Blanca as our kiteboarding grounds, internationally known for its better wind, flat and shallow waters, this helping your learning curve to be that much more noticeable, quicker and safer.


There are a series of tasks that must be achieved before hopping on the board and taking off " First you need a basic understanding of wind and power, have proper kite control and be able to safely launch and land before taking it to the next level. For this we have a series of Kite lessons that will help you become a self, safe & independent rider in no time at all.

Kite Level 1

Begin with the basics including wind theory, with a full understanding of how to prepare, rig and launch your kite : Ready to fly?
Theory / Wind Orientation                    Kite relaunch techniques                                        
Equipment set up                                 Learn to apply a proper Self Rescue        
Safety Systems / when to apply            Walk and feel totally comfortable with the Kite        
Kiteboarding lingo / Communication     Introduction to body dragging     
The wind window                                  How to Take Care of and Store your Equipment      
Flying Techniques                                        

Kite Level 2

Once you've got full control of your kite learn how to feel comfortable lifting off in both shallow and deep water as well as how to recover both kite and board.

Enter and exit water comfortably  / Launch & land with assistance                          
The many different body drag techniques                             
Power Strokes techniques                       
Correct posture for water starts
First short rides                

Kite Level 3

We'll take things to a whole new level:  you'll learn how to ride and how to go upwind, taking your first jump.  This part of the course is tailored to your individual ability.



Navigate Long Distances

Navigate both right and left side

Learn to go up wind              

The many Transitions

Your first jump         

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